Technical Details

The brake system is a three pipeline hydraulic brake system with front disc brake and rear drum brake. The minimum braking distance is 3m.

The chassis system's design was based on the car's. There is McPherson independent front suspension and rear suspension which is with rear axle and connecting rod type independent suspension.

There is one dual-drive rear axle assemble with a motor. The motor's power is 1100W with a voltage of 60V. The motor controller's overload ability is quite strong, in addition to the good performance in terms of these functions such as conventional limit current protection, under-voltage protection, limit speed protection, brake and outage protection, anti coaster.

Those maintenance-free gel battery's voltage for the whole car is 60V and with capacity of 38AH each piece. And it could be discharged for more than 500 times. Meanwhile, we like to use it as its good safety performance and convenient transportation.

Lightweight structure for the whole body design, and the exterior cladding was made of polymer composite materials with high strength and good gloss paint. We can replace any parts easily if needed, and the maintenance is convenient and simple as well.